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 Date  Team  Acquired  Relinquished  Notes
2007-08-28 Suns • Vinny Del Negro promoted to assistant GM
2007-08-29 Suns • D.J. Strawberry signed second round pick to a 2-year minimum contract (second year is team option)
2007-09-26 Suns • Brian Skinner signed unrestricted free agent to a 1-year minimum contract
2007-10-01 Suns • Jumaine Jones lost unrestricted free agent (to Nets)
2007-10-01 Suns • Doug Thomas signed free agent
2007-10-01 Suns • Rawle Marshall signed restricted free agent (from Pacers)
2007-10-01 Suns • Richie Frahm signed free agent
2007-10-13 Suns • Doug Thomas waived
2007-10-13 Suns • Rawle Marshall waived
2007-10-24 Suns • Richie Frahm waived
2008-02-06 Suns • Shaquille O'Neal • Shawn Marion
• Marcus Banks
trade with Heat
2008-02-21 Suns • Linton Johnson III signed free agent to a 10-day contract
2008-03-04 Suns • Gordan Giricek signed free agent for the remainder of the season
2008-03-04 Suns • Linton Johnson III re-signed to a second 10-day contract
2008-03-15 Suns • Linton Johnson III player became a free agent
2008-04-16 Suns • Linton Johnson III signed free agent for the remainder of the season
2008-06-01 Suns • Phil Weber assistant coach (date approximate)
2008-06-07 Suns • Terry Porter (b. 1963-04-08) hired as head coach; signed to a reported 3-year $7M contract
2008-06-09 Suns • Vinny Del Negro resigned as assistant GM (date approximate)