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 Date  Team  Acquired  Relinquished  Notes
2006-07-06 Suns • Todd Quinter promoted to assistant coach and director of scouting
2006-07-06 Suns • Vinny Del Negro promoted to director of player personnel
2006-07-13 Suns • Tim Thomas lost unrestricted free agent (to Clippers)
2006-07-13 Suns • Eric Piatkowski signed unrestricted free agent (from Bulls) to a 2-year, $2.4M (minimum) contract
2006-07-20 Suns • Marcus Banks signed unrestricted free agent (from Timberwolves) to a 5-year, $21M contract
2006-07-27 Suns • Sean Marks signed unrestricted free agent (from Spurs) to a 1-year contract
2006-08-04 Suns • Leandro Barbosa re-signed to a 5-year, $33M contract extension through 11-12
2006-08-30 Suns • Jumaine Jones signed unrestricted free agent (from Bobcats) to a 1-year contract
2006-09-12 Suns • Ann Meyers hired as VP
2006-09-28 Suns • Davin White signed free agent
2006-10-19 Suns • Davin White waived
2006-10-19 Suns • Boris Diaw re-signed to a 5-year, $45M contract extension through 2011-12 (last year is player option)
2006-11-07 Suns • Jalen Rose signed free agent to a 1-year, $1.5M contract
2007-05-01 Suns • Marc Iavaroni assistant coach (date approximate)
2007-06-01 Suns • David Griffin promoted to senior vice president of basketball operations
2007-06-06 Suns • Steve Kerr hired as general manager & president of basketball operations
2007-06-28 Suns • Alando Tucker 2007 NBA draft first round pick (#29 overall)
2007-06-28 Suns • Rudy Fernandez 2007 NBA draft first round pick (#24 overall)
2007-06-28 Suns • D.J. Strawberry 2007 NBA draft second round pick (#59 overall)
2007-06-30 Suns • Pat Burke team declined to tender qualifying offer, making player an unrestricted free agent
2007-06-30 Suns • Kurt Thomas player exercised contract option for 2007-08
2007-07-01 Suns • Dan D'Antoni assistant coach (date approximate)
2007-07-01 Suns • Jalen Rose player became an unrestricted free agent
2007-07-07 Suns • Alando Tucker signed first round pick to a 2-year, $1.9M contract with a 2-year, $3M team option
2007-07-07 Suns • Grant Hill agreed to terms with unrestricted free agent on a reported 2-year, $3.8M contract (second year is player option)


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