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 Date  Team  Acquired  Relinquished  Notes
1998-07-15 Pacers • Billy Knight promoted to senior VP/basketball
1998-07-15 Pacers • David Kahn promoted to GM
1998-07-15 Pacers • Larry Bird named executive VP in addition to head coach
1998-08-16 Pacers • Donnie Walsh re-signed as GM to a 5-year contract extension
1999-01-01 Pacers • David Morway hired as vice president of basketball administration
1999-01-21 Pacers • Carlos Knox signed
1999-01-21 Pacers • Fred Hoiberg re-signed to a 1-year, $600K contract
1999-01-21 Pacers • Mate Skelin signed
1999-01-21 Pacers • Todd Lindeman signed free agent
1999-01-21 Pacers • Travis Best re-signed to a 4-year, $13M contract
1999-01-21 Pacers • Sam Perkins signed free agent to a 2-year $3.75M contract
1999-01-22 Pacers • Al Harrington signed first round pick to a 4-year $2.6M contract (fourth year is team option)
1999-01-22 Pacers • Mark Pope re-signed to a 2-year, $810K, non-guaranteed contract
1999-01-22 Pacers • Norman Nolan signed to a non-guaranteed contract
1999-01-22 Pacers • Rik Smits re-signed free agent to a 2-year, $20.5M contract
1999-01-25 Pacers • Carlos Knox waived
1999-01-29 Pacers • Norman Nolan waived
1999-02-04 Pacers • Todd Lindeman waived
1999-02-19 Pacers • Haywoode Workman waived
1999-06-30 Pacers • Vonteego Cummings 1999 NBA draft first round pick (#26 overall)
1999-06-30 Pacers • rights to Jeff Foster • rights to Vonteego Cummings
• first round pick (lottery protected) (2001 #14-Troy Murphy)
trade with Warriors
1999-07-01 Pacers • Fred Hoiberg player became a free agent
1999-07-01 Pacers • Mate Skelin (date approximate)
1999-07-01 Pacers • Mate Skelin player became a free agent
1999-07-13 Pacers • Jeff Foster signed first round pick to a 3-year, $2.5M contract with a fourth year, $983K team option


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