Pro Sports Transactions

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 Date  Team  Acquired  Relinquished  Notes
2012-11-28 Nuggets • Mike Bratz promoted to director of player personnel
2012-11-28 Nuggets • Pete D'Alessandro promoted to VP of basketball operations
2013-05-31 Nuggets • Masai Ujiri resigned as executive VP of basketball operations (date approximate)
2013-06-06 Nuggets • George Karl fired as head coach
2013-06-14 Nuggets • Andre Iguodala player declined contract option
2013-06-16 Nuggets • Pete D'Alessandro resigned as VP of basketball operations (date approximate)
2013-06-17 Nuggets • Tim Connelly hired as general manager
2013-06-19 Nuggets • Mike Bratz resigned as director of player personnel (date approximate)