Pro Sports Transactions






Welcome to the Pro Sports Transactions Archive. The objective of this site is simple: to document every transaction— including trades, free agent movements, signings, waivings, draft picks, injuries, movement to and from minor leagues, disciplinary actions, and legal/criminal actions— in the history of five popular North American professional sports (baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer).

The project started in August of 2004 with the compilation of basketball transactions. The site first went public in July of 2005 with just basketball data. Reaction to the site was so favorable that work was begun on compiling transaction data for other sports.

The status of the project is as such:

Basketball (over 150,000 distinct entries) and hockey (over 236,000 distinct entries) are the most complete. Obviously historical data from the earlier days of the game is not easy to come by, so by "complete" we don't mean to claim that there might not be transactions that took place that aren't listed. However we are confident that it is the most complete database of pro basketball and hockey transactions available.

Football (over 402,000 distinct entries) and baseball (over 490,000 distinct entries) are less complete. Most currently active players have complete transaction histories. Due to the sheer number of players involved in these two sports, there is still considerable work to be done before these sports are completely done.

Soccer (over 18,000 distinct entries) was added in early 2017. Compilation of transaction data continues daily.

There are now over 1.2 million total transaction records in the database. Work continues daily to update the databases for each of the five sports. Please use the links below to let us know of any errors you may find, suggestions you may have, or to just let us know what you think of the site.