Pro Sports Transactions

Significant Dates in Professional Basketball History


Date Description
1946-06-06 Boston Celtics, Chicago Stags, Cleveland Rebels, Detroit Falcons, New York Knicks, Philadelphia Warriors, Pittsburgh Ironmen, Providence Steamrollers, St. Louis Bombers, Toronto Huskies, and Washington Capitols are granted charter BAA franchises
1947-07-01 1947 BAA/NBL draft
1947-06-09 Cleveland Rebels (BAA) folded
1947-07-09 Detroit Falcons (BAA) folded
1947-07-27 Pittsburgh Ironmen (BAA) folded
1947-07-27 Toronto Huskies (BAA) folded
1947-07-27 Baltimore Bullets joined BAA (from ABL)
1947-08-02 BAA dispersal draft (for players on Cleveland Rebels, Detroit Falcons, Pittsburgh Ironmen, and Toronto Huskies, all of which folded after 1946-47 season)
1948-05-10 1948 BAA draft
1948-05-10 Fort Wayne Pistons, Indianapolis Jets, Minneapolis Lakers, and Rochester Royals joined BAA (from NBL)
1949-03-21 1949 BAA draft
1949-08-03 Indianapolis Jets (BAA) folded
1949-08-03 Providence Steamrollers (BAA) folded
1949-08-03 Anderson Packers, Denver Nuggets, Indianapolis Olympians, Sheboygan Redskins, Syracuse Nationals, Tri-City Blackhawks, and Waterloo Hawks joined BAA (from NBL) and new league is renamed the NBA
1950-04-10 Anderson Packers withdrew from NBA
1950-04-22 St. Louis Bombers folded
1950-04-24 Denver Nuggets withdrew from NBA
1950-04-24 Sheboygan Redskins withdrew from NBA
1950-04-24 Waterloo Hawks withdrew from NBA
1950-04-25 1950 NBA draft
1950-04-25 NBA dispersal draft draft (Anderson Packers, St. Louis Bombers)
prior to 1950-51 season Tri-City Blackhawks renamed Tri-Cities Blackhawks
1950-09-25 Chicago Stags folded
1950-10-05 NBA dispersal draft (Chicago Stags)
1951-01-08 Washington Capitols folded
1951-01-09 NBA dispersal draft (Washington Capitols)
1951-04-25 1951 NBA draft
1951-09-13 Tri-Cities Blackhawks moved to Milwaukee and renamed the Hawks
1952-04-26 1952 NBA draft
1953-04-23 Indianapolis Olympians folded
1953-04-24 1953 NBA draft
1954-04-24 1954 NBA draft
1954-11-26 Baltimore Bullets folded
1955-04-13 1955 NBA draft
1955-05-11 Milwaukee Hawks moved to St. Louis
1956-04-30 1956 NBA draft
1957-02-14 Fort Wayne Pistons moved to Detroit
1957-03-03 (1957-04-03?) Rochester Royals moved to Cincinnati
1957-04-17 1957 NBA draft
1958-04-22 1958 NBA draft
1959-03-31 1959 NBA draft
1959-09-16 Chicago is granted an NBA expansion franchise (Packers)
1960-04-11 1960 NBA draft
1960-04-27 Minneapolis Lakers moved to Los Angeles
1961-03-27 1961 NBA draft
1961-04-12 - 1961-05-16 Expansion draft (Chicago Packers). (A Chicago Tribune article pegs the date as 1961-04-26, and this date is used in the transactions database.)
1962-03-26 1962 NBA draft
1962-05-23 Philadelphia Warriors moved to San Francisco
1962-07-05 Chicago Packers renamed Zephyrs
1962-12-31 ABL folded
1963-03-25 Chicago Zephyrs moved to Baltimore and renamed the Bullets
1963-04-30 1963 NBA draft
1963-05-22 Syracuse Nationals moved to Philadelphia
1963-08-06 Syracuse/Philadelphia Nationals renamed 76ers
1964-05-04 1964 NBA draft
1965-05-06 1965 NBA draft
1966-01-27 Chicago is granted an NBA expansion franchise (Bulls)
1966-04-30 NBA expansion draft (Chicago Bulls), day 1 (Eastern Division teams)
1966-05-01 NBA expansion draft (Chicago Bulls), day 2 (Western Division teams)
1966-05-11 1966 NBA draft
1966-12-20 Seattle is granted an NBA expansion franchise (Sonics)
1967-01-12 San Diego is granted an NBA expansion franchise (Rockets)
1967-02-02 Charter ABA franchises are granted to Anaheim (Amigos), Dallas (Chaparrals), Houston (Mavericks), Indiana (Pacers), Kansas City (Denver Rockets), Minnesota (Muskies), New York (New Jersey Americans), New Orleans (Buccaneers), Oakland (Oaks), and Pittsburgh (Pipers)
1967-03-06 Kentucky is granted an ABA franchise (Colonels)
1967-04-01 Kansas City ABA franchise awarded to Denver (Rockets) instead
1967-04-02 1967 ABA "evaluation" draft
1967-05-01 NBA expansion draft (San Diego Rockets, Seattle Sonics)
1967-05-03 1967 NBA draft
1967-09 New York Americans (ABA) moved to New Jersey
1968-01-22 NBA expansion franchises granted to Milwaukee (Bucks) and Phoenix (Suns)
1968-03-09 1968 ABA draft
1968-05-03 St. Louis Hawks moved to Atlanta
1968-04-01 1968 NBA draft (round 1)
1968-05-06 NBA expansion draft (Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns)
1968-05-08 1968 NBA draft (rounds 2-21)
1968-05-24 Minnesota Muskies (ABA) moved to Miami and renamed the Floridians (ABA)
1968-06-28 Pittsburgh Pipers (ABA) moved to Minnesota
1968-06-24 Miami Muskies (ABA) renamed Floridians (ABA)
1968-07-15 New Jersey Americans (ABA) moved to New York and renamed Nets
1968-03-27 Anaheim Amigos (ABA) moved to Los Angeles and renamed Stars (ABA)
1969-04-07 1969 NBA draft (rounds 1-2)
1969-04-15 1969 ABA draft
1969-05-07 1969 NBA draft (rounds 3-20)
1969-08-21 Oakland Oaks (ABA) moved to Washington D.C. and renamed the Capitols
1969-08-22 Minnesota Pipers (ABA) moved to Pittsburgh
1969-04-04 Houston Mavericks (ABA) moved to Carolina and renamed the Cougars (move was announced 1969-01-18 to be effective at the end of the 1968-69 season (last game was 1969-04-03))
1970-01-22 1970 ABA draft (rounds 1-8)
1970-02-06 NBA expansion franchises granted to Buffalo (Braves), Cleveland (Cavaliers), and Portland (Trail Blazers)
1970-03-15 1970 ABA draft (rounds 9 and later)
1970-03-23 1970 NBA draft
1970-05-11 NBA expansion draft (Buffalo Braves, Cleveland Cavaliers, Portland TrailBlazers)
1970-06-10 Los Angeles Stars (ABA) moved to Utah
1970-06-25 Pittsburgh Pipers (ABA) renamed Condors (ABA)
prior to 1970-71 season New Orleans Buccaneers (ABA) renamed Louisiana Buccaneers
1971-07-30 Washington Capitols (ABA) moved to Virginia and renamed Squires (ABA)
prior to 1970-71 season Dallas Chaparrals (ABA) renamed Texas Chaparrals (ABA)
1970-07-20 - 1970-08-13 Miami Floridians (ABA) renamed "The Floridians"
1971-01-22 1971 ABA draft (rounds 1-3)
1971-01-23 1971 ABA draft (completion of third round)
1971-03-29 1971 NBA draft
1971-06-23 San Diego Rockets moved to Houston
summer 1971 San Francisco Warriors renamed Golden State Warriors
summer 1971 Texas Chaparrals (ABA) renamed Dallas Chaparrals
1971-08-31 Louisiana Buccaneers (ABA) moved to Memphis and renamed Pros (ABA)
1972-03-02 1972 ABA draft (rounds 1-5)
1972-04-10 1972 NBA draft
1972-04-12 1972 ABA draft (rounds 6 and later)
1972-05-14 (1972-03-14?) Cincinnati Royals moved to Kansas City-Omaha and renamed Kings
1972-06-13 The Floridians (ABA) folded
1972-06-13 Pittsburgh Pipers (ABA) folded
1972-06-13 ABA dispersal draft (Floridians, Pipers)
1972-06-13 Memphis Pros (ABA) renamed Tams (ABA)
1972-07-28 San Diego is granted an ABA expansion franchise (Conquistadors)
1972-08-10 ABA expansion draft (San Diego Conquistadors)
1973-01-15 1973 ABA special circumstances draft
1973-02-16 Baltimore Bullets moved to Washington D.C.
1973-04-24 1973 NBA draft
1973-04-25 1973 ABA undergraduate draft
1973-08-09 (1973-04-09?) Dallas Chaparrals (ABA) moved to San Antonio and renamed Spurs (ABA)
1974-03-07 New Orleans is granted an NBA expansion franchise (Jazz)
1974-04-17 1974 ABA draft (preceded by a draft of NBA players)
1974-04-20 Capital Bullets renamed Washington Bullets
1974-05-20 NBA expansion draft (New Orleans Jazz)
1974-05-28 1974 NBA draft
1974-06-07 New Orleans expansion franchise named Jazz
1974-07-17 Carolina Cougars (ABA) moved to St. Louis and renamed Spirits of St. Louis (ABA)
1974-07-24 Memphis Tams (ABA) renamed Sounds (ABA)
1974-08-07 Denver Rockets (ABA) renamed Nuggets (ABA)
1975-05-29 1975 NBA draft
1975-06-16 1975 ABA draft
June 1975 San Diego Conquistadors (ABA) renamed Sails (date of 1975-06-01 is used in the transaction database). Date was 1975-07-28 according to article in Boston Globe.
1975-08-27 Memphis Sounds (ABA) moved to Baltimore and renamed Claws
1975-09-04 ABA "Equalization Draft" to stock Claws with additional players
1975-10-20 Baltimore Claws (ABA) folded
1975-10-21 ABA dispersal draft (Baltimore Claws)
1975-11-12 San Diego Sails (ABA) folded
1975-11-12 ABA dispersal draft (San Diego Sails)
1975-12-02 Utah Stars (ABA) folded
1975-12-30 NBA special draft of ABA players playing as undergraduates who had never been eligible for an NBA draft
1976-05-10 Virginia Squires (ABA) folded
1976-05-19 Sprits of St. Louis (ABA) moved to Utah and renamed Rockies (but never played)
1976-06-08 1976 NBA draft
1976-06-17 ABA/NBA merger is announced
1976-08-05 Kentucky Colonels (ABA) folded
1976-08-05 Utah Rockies (Spirits of St. Louis) (ABA) folded
1976-08-05 ABA dispersal draft (Kentucky Colonels and Spirits of St. Louis)
1976-08-05 ABA/NBA merger (Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers, New York Nets, and San Antonio Spurs enter from the ABA). Date is also commonly given as 1976-06-17, however this was the date of the announcement of the merger and there were still a lot of details that were yet to be finalized at that point.
1977-06-10 1977 NBA draft
1977-07-26 New York Nets moved to New Jersey
1978-06-09 1978 NBA draft
1978-07-28 Buffalo Braves moved to San Diego and renamed the Clippers
1979-06-08 New Orleans Jazz moved to Utah
1979-06-25 1979 NBA draft
1980-03-06 Dallas is granted an NBA expansion franchise (Mavericks)
1980-05-28 NBA expansion draft (Dallas Mavericks)
1980-06-10 1980 NBA draft
1981-06-09 1981 NBA draft
1982-06-29 1982 NBA draft
1983-06-28 1983 NBA draft
1984-05-15 San Diego Clippers moved to Los Angeles
1984-06-19 1984 NBA draft
1985-04-16 Kansas City Kings moved to Sacramento
1985-06-18 1985 NBA draft
1986-06-17 1986 NBA draft
1987-04-22 Charlotte (Hornets), Miami (Heat), Minnesota (Timberwolves), and Orlando (Magic) are granted NBA expansion franchises
1987-06-22 1987 NBA draft
1988-05-23 NBA expansion draft (Charlotte Hornets, Miami Heat)
1988-06-28 1988 NBA draft
1989-06-15 NBA expansion draft (Minnesota Timberwolves, Orlando Magic)
1989-06-27 1989 NBA draft
1990-06-27 1990 NBA draft
1991-06-26 1991 NBA draft
1992-06-24 1992 NBA draft
1993-06-30 1993 NBA draft
1993-09-30 Toronto is granted an NBA expansion franchise (Raptors)
1994-04-27 Vancouver is granted an NBA expansion franchise (Grizzlies)
1994-06-29 1994 NBA draft
1995-06-24 NBA expansion draft (Toronto Raptors, Vancouver Grizzlies)
1995-06-28 1995 NBA draft
1996-06-26 1996 NBA draft
1997-06-25 1997 NBA draft
prior to 1997-98 season Washington Bullets renamed the Wizards (date 1997-07-01 used in database)
1998-06-24 1998 NBA draft
1998-06-30 NBA commences a lockout until a new collective bargaining agreement is reached
1999-01-07 The NBA Board of Governors vote unanimously to ratify a collective bargaining agreement with the players' union, ending the lockout
1999-06-30 1999 NBA draft
2000-06-28 2000 NBA draft
2001-06-27 2001 NBA draft
2001-07-03 Vancouver Grizzlies move to Memphis is approved by NBA Board of Governors
2002-05-10 Charlotte Hornets move to New Orleans is approved by NBA Board of Governors
2002-06-26 2002 NBA draft
2003-01-10 Charlotte is granted an NBA expansion franchise (Bobcats)
2003-06-26 2003 NBA draft
2004-06-24 2004 NBA draft
2005-06-28 2005 NBA draft
2006-06-27 2006 NBA draft
2007-06-28 2007 NBA draft
2008-04-18 Seattle Sonics move to Oklahoma City is approved by NBA Board of Governors (move still pending outcome of littigation regarding the last 2 years of their lease with the Key Arena in Seattle)
2008-06-28 2008 NBA draft
2008-07-02 Seattle Sonics moved to Oklahoma City
2008-09-03 Oklahoma City Sonics renamed Thunder
2009-06-25 2009 NBA draft
2010-06-25 2010 NBA draft
2011-06-23 2011 NBA draft
2012-04-30 New Jersey Nets moved to Brooklyn
2012-06-28 2012 NBA draft
2013-06-27 2013 NBA draft
2014-05-19 Charlotte Bobcats renamed Hornets
2014-06-26 2014 NBA draft
2015-06-25 2015 NBA draft
2016-06-23 2016 NBA draft
2017-06-22 2017 NBA draft
2018-06-21 2018 NBA draft