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 Date  Team  Acquired  Relinquished  Notes
2001-05-15 Pistons • John Hammond hired as director of player personnel
2001-05-18 Pistons • Bob Ociepka hired as assistant coach
2001-05-25 Pistons • Rick Carlisle hired as head coach
2001-06-02 Pistons • agreed to delay decision to take a draft pick owed from Suns from a previous trade (to the benefit of Pistons-it allowed Pistons to defer first round pick owed to them by Grizzlies in Otis Thorpe trade until 2002) • Magic first round pick (2005 #11-Fran Vazquez) trade with Magic
2001-06-26 Pistons • Kevin O'Neill hired as assistant coach
2001-06-27 Pistons • Mehmet Okur second round pick (#38 overall)
2001-06-27 Pistons • Rodney White first round pick (#9 overall)
2001-06-28 Pistons • Clifford Robinson (R.) • John Wallace
• Jud Buechler
announced trade with Suns to be done 2001-07-18
2001-07-09 Pistons • Tony Brown hired as assistant coach
2001-07-13 Pistons • rights to Zeljko Rebraca • 2002 second round pick (#52-Rasual Butler) trade with Raptors (trade made official on 07-18)
2001-07-18 Pistons Joe Dumars renounced rights (as player)
2001-07-18 Pistons • Billy Owens renounced rights
2001-07-18 Pistons • Corliss Williamson renounced rights
2001-07-18 Pistons • Dana Barros renounced rights
2001-07-18 Pistons • Derek Harper renounced rights
2001-07-18 Pistons • Kornel David renounced rights
2001-07-18 Pistons • Clifford Robinson (R.) • Jud Buechler
• John Wallace
• $1.6M traded player exception
trade with Suns
2001-07-23 Pistons Ratko Varda signed to a 1-year, minimum contract with a 1-year team option
2001-07-24 Pistons • Corliss Williamson signed free agent to a 6-year, $33M contract
2001-07-24 Pistons • Rodney White signed first round pick to a 3-year, $5.5M contract with a fourth year, $2.5M team option
2001-07-24 Pistons • Victor Alexander signed free agent to a 1-year, $1M contract
2001-07-24 Pistons Zeljko Rebraca signed free agent to a 3-year, $10.5M contract (only $3.5M first year guaranteed)
2001-07-30 Pistons • Joe Smith lost free agent (to Timberwolves)
2001-07-31 Pistons • Brian Cardinal re-signed to a 2-year, $1.1M contract (second year is team option)
2001-09-07 Pistons • Dana Barros signed free agent to a 1-year, $1.5M contract


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