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 Date  Team  Acquired  Relinquished  Notes
2004-04-22 Warriors • Chris Mullin promoted to executive VP of basketball operations
2004-04-22 Warriors • Pete D'Alessandro hired as director of basketball operations (date approximate)
2004-05-19 Warriors • Eric Musselman fired as head coach
2004-05-20 Warriors Garry St. Jean fired as GM (will continue with team in a different role)
2004-05-20 Warriors • Rod Higgins hired as GM
2004-05-21 Warriors Mike Montgomery hired as head coach, signed to a reported 4-year, $10M contract
2004-06-22 Warriors • John Murray hired as strength and conditioning coach
2004-06-22 Warriors J.R. Bremer lost in expansion draft (to Bobcats)
2004-06-24 Warriors • Andris Biedrins first round pick (#11 overall)
2004-06-28 Warriors • Mario Elie hired as assistant coach
2004-06-30 Warriors • Terry Stotts hired as assistant coach
2004-07-01 Warriors • Adonal Foyle became a free agent
2004-07-01 Warriors • Avery Johnson player became a free agent
2004-07-01 Warriors • Brian Cardinal player became a free agent
2004-07-01 Warriors • Calbert Cheaney became a free agent
2004-07-01 Warriors • Erick Dampier player became an unrestricted free agent
2004-07-07 Warriors • Andris Biedrins signed first round pick to a 3-year, $5.6M contract with a fourth year, $2.6M team option
2004-07-07 Warriors • Russell Turner hired as assistant coach
2004-07-14 Warriors • Adonal Foyle re-signed free agent to 6-year, $42M contract
2004-07-16 Warriors • Derek Fisher signed free agent (from Lakers) to 6-year, $37M contract
2004-07-20 Warriors • Dale Davis
• Dan Dickau
• Nick Van Exel trade with Blazers
2004-08-11 Warriors • Calbert Cheaney re-signed free agent to a 1-year contract with a second year player option
2004-08-24 Warriors • Christian Laettner
• Eduardo Najera
• rights to Luis Flores
• rights to Mladen Sekularac
• 76ers first round pick (lottery protected) (?-?)
• 2007 first round pick (top 7 protected) (#30-Petteri Koponen)
• cash
• Erick Dampier
• Evan Eschmeyer
• rights to Steve Logan
trade with Mavericks
2004-08-24 Warriors • Erick Dampier re-signed free agent to 7-year, $73M contract
2004-08-24 Warriors • trade exception • Dan Dickau trade with Mavericks


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