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 Date  Team  Acquired  Relinquished  Notes
2004-06-30 Raptors • Pete Babcock hired as director of player personnel
2004-07-01 Raptors • Corie Blount player became a free agent
2004-07-01 Raptors • Dion Glover became a free agent
2004-07-01 Raptors • Michael Curry became a free agent
2004-07-01 Raptors • Morris Peterson team tendered qualifying offer, making player a restricted free agent
2004-07-01 Raptors • Rod Strickland became an unrestricted free agent
2004-07-02 Raptors • Alex English hired as assistant coach and director of player development
2004-07-02 Raptors • Mike Evans hired as scout
2004-07-02 Raptors Jay Triano hired as assistant coach
2004-07-02 Raptors Jim Todd hired as assistant coach
2004-07-03 Raptors • Rafael Araujo signed first round pick to a 3-year, $6.7M contract with a fourth year, $3M team option
2004-07-14 Raptors • Rafer Alston signed free agent to a 6-year, $28-29M contract
2004-07-22 Raptors • Mike McCollow hired as assistant director of player development and director of video scouting
2004-07-22 Raptors • Scott Howard hired as director of international player personnel
2004-07-30 Raptors • Morris Peterson re-signed restricted free agent to 3-year, $15M contract (matched Hornets offer sheet)
2004-08-18 Raptors • Loren Woods signed free agent (from Bobcats) to a 2-year, non-guaranteed, $1.7M contract
2004-09-05 Raptors • Robert Archibald signed with Pamesa Valencia (Spain)
2004-09-20 Raptors • Matt Bonner re-signed to a 1-year, non-guaranteed contract
2004-09-28 Raptors • Sam Gibbs hired as assistant athletic trainer
2004-09-28 Raptors • Tim Rindlisbacher hired as team physician
2004-09-28 Raptors Greg Spratt hired as athletic trainer
2004-09-28 Raptors Paul Marks hired as team physician
2004-10-04 Raptors • Norm Richardson signed free agent
2004-10-04 Raptors Ousmane Cisse signed free agent
2004-10-04 Raptors Pape Sow signed second round pick


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