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 Date  Team  Acquired  Relinquished  Notes
1988-12-09 Jazz Dave Checketts reassigned to GM
1988-12-09 Jazz Frank Layden resigned/retired as head coach
1988-12-09 Jazz Frank Layden hired as president
1988-12-11 Jazz • Phil Johnson hired as assistant coach
1988-12-12 Jazz • Scott Roth waived
1989-01-04 Jazz • Bart Kofoed waived
1989-01-04 Jazz • Jim Farmer signed free agent to a 10-day contract
1989-01-12 Jazz • Jim Farmer re-signed for the remainder of the season
1989-01-13 Jazz • Eric White signed free agent to a 10-day contract
1989-01-15 Jazz • Jim Farmer re-signed to a 2-year contract
1989-01-23 Jazz • Eric White waived
1989-06-01 Jazz Dave Checketts resigned as GM