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 Date  Team  Acquired  Relinquished  Notes
2003-04-02 Hawks • Pete Babcock fired as VP/GM
2003-04-02 Hawks • Billy Knight named as interim GM
2003-04-03 Hawks • Mikki Moore re-signed to a second 10-day contract
2003-04-14 Hawks • Mikki Moore re-signed for the remainder of the season
2003-05-29 Hawks • Steve Henson resigned as assistant coach
2003-06-26 Hawks • Boris Diaw first round pick (#21 overall)
2003-06-26 Hawks • Jason Terry team tendered qualifying offer, making player a restricted free agent
2003-06-26 Hawks Travis Hansen second round pick (#37 overall)
2003-06-30 Hawks • Dion Glover team declined to to extend qualifying offer, making player an unrestricted free agent
2003-07-01 Hawks Darvin Ham became a free agent
2003-07-01 Hawks • Emanual Davis declared free agency
2003-07-01 Hawks • Ira Newble declared free agency
2003-07-01 Hawks • Jermaine Jackson player became a free agent
2003-07-01 Hawks • Mikki Moore player declared free agency
2003-07-01 Hawks • DerMarr Johnson player declared free agency
2003-07-10 Hawks • Boris Diaw signed first round pick to a 3-year, $3.3M contract with a fourth year, $1.9M team option
2003-07-10 Hawks Travis Hansen signed second round pick
2003-07-16 Hawks • Amal McCaskill lost free agent (to 76ers)
2003-07-22 Hawks • Ira Newble lost free agent (to Cavaliers)
2003-07-23 Hawks • Terrell Brandon
• rights to Randy Holcomb
• 2007 first round pick from 76ers (lottery protected, else $1M cash) (not exercised)
• Glenn Robinson
• 2006 second round pick (#42-Daniel Gibson)
4-team trade with 76ers, Knicks, Timberwolves
2003-08-06 Hawks • Alex English resigned as assistant coach
2003-08-11 Hawks • Billy Knight re-signed as GM to a 2-year contract
2003-08-11 Hawks • Terry Stotts re-signed as head coach to a 2-year contract
2003-09-04 Hawks • Jacque Vaughn signed free agent (from Magic) to a 1-year contract
2003-09-16 Hawks • 8-man group • AOL Time Warner reached agreement for transfer of ownership for $250M (must be approved by the NBA Board of Governors)


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