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 Date  Team  Acquired  Relinquished  Notes
2004-08-24 Cavaliers • Mark Warkentien hired as director of player personnel
2004-08-24 Cavaliers • Mike Bratz promoted to director of basketball operations
2004-09-15 Cavaliers • Brendan Malone hired as assistant coach
2004-09-28 Cavaliers • Scott Williams signed free agent (from Mavericks) to a 1-year, $1.6M contract
2004-09-30 Cavaliers • Lee Nailon lost free agent (to Hornets)
2004-10-01 Cavaliers • Lucious Harris signed free agent to a 2-year, $2.5M contract
2004-10-01 Cavaliers Philip Averbuck hired as director of international scouting
2004-10-03 Cavaliers • David Jackson signed free agent
2004-10-03 Cavaliers • Jimmie Hunter signed free agent
2004-10-18 Cavaliers • David Jackson waived
2004-10-18 Cavaliers • Jimmie Hunter waived
2004-10-26 Cavaliers • Art Long waived
2004-10-28 Cavaliers • Drew Gooden team exercised contract option through 2005-06
2004-10-29 Cavaliers • Dajuan Wagner team declined to exercise contract option for 2005-06
2005-01-03 Cavaliers • Dan Gilbert • Gordon Gund transfer of ownership for $375M pending approval by the NBA Board of Governors
2005-02-01 Cavaliers Jerome Moiso signed free agent to a 10-day contract
2005-02-11 Cavaliers Jerome Moiso re-signed to a second 10-day contract
2005-02-22 Cavaliers Jerome Moiso contract expired
2005-02-22 Cavaliers • James Thomas signed free agent to a 10-day contract
2005-02-24 Cavaliers • James Thomas waived
2005-02-24 Cavaliers • Jiri Welsch • 2007 first round pick (top 10 protected) (#24-Rudy Fernandez)
• agreed to remove all protection on their 2005 first round pick
trade with Celtics
2005-02-28 Cavaliers • Dan Gilbert • Gordon Gund transfer of ownership approved by NBA Board of Governors
2005-03-21 Cavaliers • Paul Silas fired as head coach
2005-03-21 Cavaliers • Stephen Silas fired as assistant coach
2005-03-21 Cavaliers • Brendan Malone promoted to interim head coach


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