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 Date  Team  Acquired  Relinquished  Notes
1975-07-12 Nuggets (ABA) • group of Colorado businessmen purchased team
1975-07-12 Nuggets (ABA) Carl Scheer hired as president & GM
1975-07-14 Nuggets (ABA) • David Thompson (a) signed first round pick
1975-07-14 Nuggets (ABA) • George Irvine
• rights to David Thompson (a)
• Mack Calvin
• Mike Green
• Jan van Breda Kolff
trade with Squires (ABA)
1975-07-31 Nuggets (ABA) • Jimmy Foster • future considerations (?) (cash & future considerations per ABA Guide, draft pick (?-?) per Boston Globe) trade with Spirits (ABA) (date per Boston Globe, date 8/22 per ABA Guide)
1975-08-01 Nuggets (ABA) • draft pick (?-?) • Pat McFarland trade with Sails (ABA)
1975-08-09 Nuggets (ABA) • Byron Beck re-signed to a multi-year contract
1975-09-04 Nuggets (ABA) Claude Terry lost in equalization draft (to Claws (ABA))
1975-09-11 Nuggets (ABA) George Irvine re-signed to a multi-year contract
1975-10-08 Nuggets (ABA) Dan Issel Dave Robisch, $500K cash trade with Claws (ABA)
1975-10-21 Nuggets (ABA) • W. Roger Brown signed free agent
1975-10-21 Nuggets (ABA) Claude Terry dispersal draft pick (from Claws (ABA))
1975-10-21 Nuggets (ABA) • Chuck Williams / Chuckie Williams • Roland Taylor / Fatty Taylor trade with Squires (ABA)
1975-10-22 Nuggets (ABA) • Dennis DuVal waived
1975-10-22 Nuggets (ABA) • Don Washington waived
1975-11-19 Nuggets (ABA) • Jim Bradley signed free agent
1975-12-05 Nuggets (ABA) • Jim Bradley waived
1975-12-18 Nuggets (ABA) • Gus Gerard • cash trade with Spirits (ABA)
1976-02-16 Nuggets (ABA) • W. Roger Brown waived