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 Date  Team  Acquired  Relinquished  Notes
2003-05-28 Hornets • Allan Bristow hired as assistant GM
2003-06-09 Hornets • Tim Floyd hired as head coach
2003-06-11 Hornets • Robert Traylor / Tractor Traylor team exercised contract option for 2003-04
2003-06-19 Hornets • Jeff Bower hired as assistant coach
2003-06-23 Hornets • Jan van Breda Kolff hired as assistant coach
2003-06-25 Hornets • Kenny Gattison hired as assistant coach
2003-06-26 Hornets • David West first round pick (#18 overall)
2003-06-26 Hornets • James Lang second round pick (#48 overall)
2003-06-30 Hornets Alvin Gentry hired as assistant coach
2003-07-01 Hornets • Kenny Anderson became a free agent
2003-07-01 Hornets • P.J. Brown became a free agent
2003-07-01 Hornets • Robert Pack became a free agent
2003-07-01 Hornets Jerome Moiso became a free agent
2003-07-03 Hornets Jack Capella hired as executive VP / COO
2003-07-11 Hornets • David West signed first round pick to a 3-year, $3.7M contract with a fourth year, $2M team option
2003-07-16 Hornets Jerome Moiso lost free agent (to Raptors)
2003-07-16 Hornets • P.J. Brown re-signed free agent to a 4-year, $34M contract
2003-07-21 Hornets • Sean Rooks signed free agent (from Clippers) to a 1-year contract
2003-07-28 Hornets • Darrell Armstrong signed free agent (from Magic) to a 2-year, $6M contract
2003-08-04 Hornets • George Lynch re-signed to a 1-year, $3.2M contract extension through 2005-06
2003-09-19 Hornets • Kenny Anderson lost unrestricted free agent (to Pacers)
2003-09-22 Hornets • James Lang signed second round pick to a 1-year, non-guaranteed contract
2003-09-30 Hornets • Kareem Reid signed free agent to a 1-year contract
2003-09-30 Hornets • Kareem Ried signed free agent
2003-09-30 Hornets • Paul Shirley signed free agent to a 1-year contract


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